Lightspeed ZULU Premium ANR Aviation Headset

The Lightspeed Zulu Premium ANR Aviation Headset is very known in the aviation industry. This type of aviation headset has many great things.

To start, it has a 1/8” jack for music which supports normal stereo input as well as two-way cell phone plugs. It also has a function in the control box that lets you turn on and off some sort of surround sound mode called Front Row Center. For some users the input for music is the best feature.

It has a mode where the music mutes when someone calls you up on the radio, and has the function to turn itself off when you have them removed from your head for a few minutes. This saves your battery, which can last at least 20 hours even with noise reduction and music on at the same time. Zulu Headsets will run a long time on a fresh set of batteries. There are no complains of any failure regarding to the battery.

The ANR of the Lightspeed Zulu Premium is exceptional; it cuts out external noise much better than other aviation headsets. It is so quiet, even with the ANR turned off. It does not interfere with the quality of the music, like some other headsets do.  This function is activated when you start the plane even if you don’t switch it on, it does it automatically; it even turns off by itself. Some people even use them when they read, with no audio, just using the noise cancelling function.

The Lightspeed Zulu aviation headset is light and very comfortable; you can travel up to 5 to 6 hours without having any discomfort or sore head. You can even use your sun glasses without any problem.

The microphone works very well, with good sensitivity only with just a little background noise when you speak.

The Bluetooth on this aviation headset can be coupled to a cell phone, which you can use to make in-flight phone calls, and listen to music if you link it up to your iPhone.

The new clam-shell design of the case is durable and is light-weight. The headsets easily goes in and out of the case without any trouble and it now has a carry handle.

These are some of the cons collected from some reviews:

          * Some say that they are heavier than the Bose X.

          * Not comfortable for very long flights – after 5 to 6 hours.

          * The microphone boom is not reversible, so it always stays on the left side.

          * When you pair it to the iPhone, you cannot connect to it while hearing the iPod music.

          * There is not a volume control for the auxiliary audio-in jack.

The customer service of the Lightspeed Zulu Premium Aviation Headset is the best there is. You don’t have to worry about how many years the warranty is (5 years) because they will fix your headset FREE of charge, even if it is outside of the warranty period, they will fix your old headsets too. You just have to pay the shipping costs to get the headsets to them and they will pay the rest. The company actually values their customers.

This is a comment from a user: “No other aviation headset maker is as devoted to their products and customers as Lightspeed is…”

It is worth every dollar you spend on it…

If you want to get this Aviation Headset, you can order it from Amazon.Com, the biggest marketplace on the internet, just click on this link: Lightspeed Zulu Premium ANR.


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