Bose A20 Aviation Headset

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset is known as an excellent high quality product from the industry leader BOSE.

The noise cancelling ability is excellent and the frequency quality of ATC transmission is amazing. It provides a supreme ANR (Active Noise Reduction) technology, which makes the noise reduction truly impressive. This noise cancelling system makes the engine disappear and other sounds, like the stall warning, are consequently clearer than ever.

The ear cups of the Bose A20 are now larger than the last generation headsets giving this a more comfortable use and fits so much better than its predecessor, the Bose X. It is a very light weight headset and they work very well while using sunglasses. The A20 has different acoustics and it is quieter that the Bose X.

The A20 adds additional options such as the auxiliary-in feature for GPS and MP3 units. This headset has the Bluetooth function, which has the option to connect the telephone to the headset for conversations while in the aircraft and the electret mike assembly can be switched from left side to the right side which is great for flight instructors. Thanks to the side tone, the phone is remarkably easy to use, even when the engine is running.

According to some people’s reviews, the Bluetooth is good for phone connections, but not for listening music, but like everything, it depends on the strictness of the person who uses it. The stereo sound quality is excellent and the transmissions are clear as a bell. As soon as your colleague or ATC will speak, the music will just will fade away if you use the priority mode.

These are the cons of some people’s reviews:

          * Some say that it is expensive, but a worthwhile investment.

          * It has a battery housing of cheap construction as well as the ear cups mountings of low quality plastic which will break with time.

          * Some users say that it creates a sore spot on top of their heads after 2 hours of continual use, but some differ saying after 4 hours, so it depends on the person.

          * If you set the A20 headsets to stereo, for AUX input stereo, then ATC only comes in on the left ear.

          * The control box is a little heavy and pulls down on your head a lot when you turn your head.

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset has a 5 year warranty, and as far as most users have said, Bose needs to spend a bit more time thinking out about their customer service aspect.

Overall, this is a great Aviation Headset to spend your money in, the performance is excellent and its technology is awesome. It is worth every dime.

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