Sennheiser S1 Digital Adaptive Noiseguard Aviation Headset

The Sennheiser S1 Digital Adaptive Noiseguard Aviation Headset is a revolutionized aviation headset designed in cooperation with BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

Its Smart Update digital noise canceling technology is one of the best. This function is automatically adjusted to the ideal level and settings by analyzing the surrounding noise just by a push of a button. It has an excellent passive noise attenuation.

It customizes noise reduction to the user’s aircraft environment which gives you maximum control over noise levels in the cockpit and lets you enjoy your flight.

Sennheiser is known to be a manufacturer of top quality audio products for more than 65 years, giving the user an incredible audio performance and an optimized sound quality with its music filters. It has two separate audio mixers (one for music and the other for mobile phones) to make sure your music sounds great.

It has a control box that gives you the ability to skip songs, pause, mute, increase the sound and gives you the access to all features of the mobile device with the Bluetooth function.

Its audio clarity is superior to many others aviation headsets with its customizable treble boost function, and has a peak-level protection to keep your ears safe to make sure that any sound greater than 110db is automatically muted to an acceptable level.

The headset can easily be configured for audio muting, and when this function is on, the audio signal of your devices is automatically decreased by 24db during any air traffic control (ATC) communication. You will never miss a word while communicating in the cockpit with the ATC.

The Sennheiser S1 Aviation Headset offers 3 different headband tension settings on each side for a more customized comfort which gives you the right fit, minimum, medium and high pressure. Along with the soft ear seals, this creates a comfort zone that lets you use your sun glasses and still stay in comfort.

The lower part of the ear cups has a V shape, which allows a better sealing to your head and with its special material on the ear cushions, It’s the best fit and comfort for virtually everyone.

The Bluetooth on this aviation headset lets you connect to your cell phone or a music player by wireless connection and functions real well. You can hear music or can be talking on the phone while during your flight. The music streaming function is via the A2DP and AVRCP profiles.

The Sennheiser S1 Aviation Headset has a built-in four-microphone sampling technology with bias voltage for cell phone use, and comes with a carrying case, belt clip, windshield, a cable clip, a user’s manual and a quick reference guide.

Some cons noticed by some users are:

         * Bluetooth volume too low.

         * Needs adjustment to change forward/back position of head band.

         * High Price.

         * It transmits too much background noise. Making it hard for others to understand.

         * Heavy and cosmetically undesirable.

         * Trouble positioning the mic since it keeps moving away every time.

This aviation headset is made in Germany and has a 5 year warranty.

All in all, the Sennheiser S1 Aviation Headset is one of the best there is in the market with a great technology and design. Even if some people say that its price is high, many other say that it is worth every single penny of the cost and you won’t regret it.

If you would like to order this Aviation Headset you can do it from Amazon.Com. You just have to click on this link: Sennheiser S1 Digital.


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Lightspeed ZULU Premium ANR Aviation Headset

The Lightspeed Zulu Premium ANR Aviation Headset is very known in the aviation industry. This type of aviation headset has many great things.

To start, it has a 1/8” jack for music which supports normal stereo input as well as two-way cell phone plugs. It also has a function in the control box that lets you turn on and off some sort of surround sound mode called Front Row Center. For some users the input for music is the best feature.

It has a mode where the music mutes when someone calls you up on the radio, and has the function to turn itself off when you have them removed from your head for a few minutes. This saves your battery, which can last at least 20 hours even with noise reduction and music on at the same time. Zulu Headsets will run a long time on a fresh set of batteries. There are no complains of any failure regarding to the battery.

The ANR of the Lightspeed Zulu Premium is exceptional; it cuts out external noise much better than other aviation headsets. It is so quiet, even with the ANR turned off. It does not interfere with the quality of the music, like some other headsets do.  This function is activated when you start the plane even if you don’t switch it on, it does it automatically; it even turns off by itself. Some people even use them when they read, with no audio, just using the noise cancelling function.

The Lightspeed Zulu aviation headset is light and very comfortable; you can travel up to 5 to 6 hours without having any discomfort or sore head. You can even use your sun glasses without any problem.

The microphone works very well, with good sensitivity only with just a little background noise when you speak.

The Bluetooth on this aviation headset can be coupled to a cell phone, which you can use to make in-flight phone calls, and listen to music if you link it up to your iPhone.

The new clam-shell design of the case is durable and is light-weight. The headsets easily goes in and out of the case without any trouble and it now has a carry handle.

These are some of the cons collected from some reviews:

          * Some say that they are heavier than the Bose X.

          * Not comfortable for very long flights – after 5 to 6 hours.

          * The microphone boom is not reversible, so it always stays on the left side.

          * When you pair it to the iPhone, you cannot connect to it while hearing the iPod music.

          * There is not a volume control for the auxiliary audio-in jack.

The customer service of the Lightspeed Zulu Premium Aviation Headset is the best there is. You don’t have to worry about how many years the warranty is (5 years) because they will fix your headset FREE of charge, even if it is outside of the warranty period, they will fix your old headsets too. You just have to pay the shipping costs to get the headsets to them and they will pay the rest. The company actually values their customers.

This is a comment from a user: “No other aviation headset maker is as devoted to their products and customers as Lightspeed is…”

It is worth every dollar you spend on it…

If you want to get this Aviation Headset, you can order it from Amazon.Com, the biggest marketplace on the internet, just click on this link: Lightspeed Zulu Premium ANR.


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Bose A20 Aviation Headset

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset is known as an excellent high quality product from the industry leader BOSE.

The noise cancelling ability is excellent and the frequency quality of ATC transmission is amazing. It provides a supreme ANR (Active Noise Reduction) technology, which makes the noise reduction truly impressive. This noise cancelling system makes the engine disappear and other sounds, like the stall warning, are consequently clearer than ever.

The ear cups of the Bose A20 are now larger than the last generation headsets giving this a more comfortable use and fits so much better than its predecessor, the Bose X. It is a very light weight headset and they work very well while using sunglasses. The A20 has different acoustics and it is quieter that the Bose X.

The A20 adds additional options such as the auxiliary-in feature for GPS and MP3 units. This headset has the Bluetooth function, which has the option to connect the telephone to the headset for conversations while in the aircraft and the electret mike assembly can be switched from left side to the right side which is great for flight instructors. Thanks to the side tone, the phone is remarkably easy to use, even when the engine is running.

According to some people’s reviews, the Bluetooth is good for phone connections, but not for listening music, but like everything, it depends on the strictness of the person who uses it. The stereo sound quality is excellent and the transmissions are clear as a bell. As soon as your colleague or ATC will speak, the music will just will fade away if you use the priority mode.

These are the cons of some people’s reviews:

          * Some say that it is expensive, but a worthwhile investment.

          * It has a battery housing of cheap construction as well as the ear cups mountings of low quality plastic which will break with time.

          * Some users say that it creates a sore spot on top of their heads after 2 hours of continual use, but some differ saying after 4 hours, so it depends on the person.

          * If you set the A20 headsets to stereo, for AUX input stereo, then ATC only comes in on the left ear.

          * The control box is a little heavy and pulls down on your head a lot when you turn your head.

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset has a 5 year warranty, and as far as most users have said, Bose needs to spend a bit more time thinking out about their customer service aspect.

Overall, this is a great Aviation Headset to spend your money in, the performance is excellent and its technology is awesome. It is worth every dime.

If you would like to purchase this Aviation Headset you can order it directly from Amazon.Com. Just click on this link: Bose A20


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David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation HeadsetThe David Clark H10-13.4 Aviation Headset is one of the best headsets there is in the market according to users’ reviews and is worn by more pilots than any other. This headset has many good characteristics that any pilot would like to have on their ears while flying their planes, especially for long hours.

This aviation headset is said to be very comfortable and super soft, and its new comfort gel undercut ear seals makes the headset fit perfectly to ears and seal to your head without a problem even when wearing glasses, they don’t press the arms of the glasses into your temples.

This extremely lightweight aviation headset is only 13.4 oz and won’t strain your neck muscles. The new reduced super soft Air- Flow pillow head pad will make it more comfortable to wear for longer flights and you won’t pay any attention to them once they are on, even if they look bulky.

Some people say that they are too tight when they wear them, but like all things, it depends on the user’s preferences and on how they feel about it.

This military look headset is considered to have a long durability and it is very resistant. It has a double foam head pad and its universal flex boom makes the microphone to be placed perfectly where you want it at all times and stays put and will not break.

The H10-13.4 has a certified noise reduction rating of 23dB, and with its exclusive M-7A amplified electret microphone (the most advanced noise-cancelling microphone available), makes sounds clearer and with excellent quality when talking, rejecting most ambient noise in noisy cockpits. It is in comply with FAA TSOs C57 Cat. B and C58a.

There is no need for batteries and similar maintenance as any other ANR style headset. It has a low-profile volume control knob with detent settings, and its molded cord assembly is made to exceptional pull and flex standards.

Some cons that you might hear/read from some people are mentioned below:

          * These aviation headsets do not include a carrying case; you would need to order one for separately, and might also order some extra ear cushions.

          * It doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection.

          * The earpiece coverings can come off at times.

          * It only has one volume adjustment knob, but does not affect too much. Is not stereo and no electronic noise reduction.

          * Some say that the Mic is a little sensitive.

This aviation headset is made in USA and David Clark will give you a great first class customer service and a 5 year warranty. If anything goes wrong with them (which is unlikely) after the guarantee, David Clark will fix them cheap or for free.

This aviation headset is worth every penny of its cost, it is an investment worth while. A user review says, “I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a HIGH QUALITY product at a reasonable price”.

If you would like to order this Aviation Headset you can do it from the biggest and most trustful marketplace there is, Amazon.Com. You just have to click on this link: David Clark H10-13.4


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